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SAS Technology

Amphenol is an active member of the Serial Attached SCSI Standard (T10/SFF) working group and offers one of the broadest product lines to support the emerging market for SAS applications.

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) was developed to address anticipated I/O and direct attach storage requirements in the future.  It provides universal interconnect with SATA, while offering logical SCSI compatibility along with SCSI reliability, performance and manageability.

SAS is a point-to-point architecture, distinct from parallel technologies such as Fibre Channel and SCSI. A point-to-point architecture establishes a link directly from the controller to a disk drive or through an expander switching matrix.

SAS complements SATA by adding dual porting, full duplex, device addressing and it offers higher reliability, performance and data availability services, as well as logical SCSI compatibility. SAS customers can choose to deploy cost-effective SATA drives in a SAS storage environment.

Features and Benefits

High performance cable: Differential pair signaling with less than 5ps/m in pair skew. Cable construction provides improved EMI. 3.0Gbs data rate with rates up to 6.0Gbs in development.  Leverages common electrical and physical connection interfaces from SATA.

Signal Integrity: Amphenol Spectra Strip cable technology provides end-to-end signal integrity.  Our process controlled termination assures performance at 3.0Gbs.

Smaller cable package: Thinner and more flexible cables allow for more efficient routing with improved airflow and thermal mechanics. Configuration of storage devices is simplified.

Cost effectiveness and Scalability: World class manufacturing to support the Desktop PC market cost drivers and reliability of Server market. Future proof technology allows storage manufacturers to continue to increase performance with SAS.

RoHS: Amphenol SAS assemblies are RoHS compliant today!

Applications and Markets:

  • Set top boxes
  • Desktop and Notebook PC
  • Hard Drives
  • Servers
  • Backplane interconnect
  • Digital audio and optical drives
  • Multimedia
  • Network and RAID Storage

Product Solutions and Configurations

  • Straight, R/A and Side Exit over-molded product.

  • 26 AWG and 30 AWG Cables.

  • Unified Data and Power Assemblies

  • Product conforms to SFF-8482

  • Developing unique “activity indicator” capability.

  • Drive Extension cable assembly.

  • Fan out assemblies.


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